Tall Mountain Mindfulness and Meditation

Less Stress.
More Peace.

Practical techniques that empower busy people to be more calm, focused, and fearless in their daily lives.

Effective at Work

Zen meditation helps you be more calm and focused while on the clock - boosting your efficiency.

Effective at Home

Mindfulness helps you be more peaceful at home - so that you can relax and recharge better.

Overcome Challenges

With practice, Zen meditation can help you overcome challenges, not just relieve them for a little while.

Your Daily Life Can Be Less Scattered and Less Rushed

Does your week feel like an endless To Do list?

Does your weekend fly by, leaving little time to truly unwind? I’ve been there too.

You want to have a healthier, more fulfilling life but the bills won’t pay themselves.

It can feel frustrating, especially since you know that life can be more than stress and pressure. But what do you do?

You can train yourself to be more calm, focused, and fearless – like a mountain.

Jason headshot

Hi, I'm Jason Bond.

I'll show you how.
I'll help you live with less stress and more peace.

  • Certified mindfulness and Zen meditation teacher
  • Student of Zen Master Daizan Roshi
  • Retreat experience in Europe and Asia
  • Professional middle & high school teacher
"Jason is an excellent teacher. Friendly, sincere, and approachable and full of knowledge."
Yoga Teacher
"Yesterday's session was really helpful! I actually used a couple of the mindfulness tips today. And I look forward to doing the meditation on my own this week."
NGO Worker
"Your class was very helpful and I have already been practicing.
It has even worked while I have been doing dentistry."

3 Steps to More Calm, Focus, and Fearlessness in Your Daily Life

1. Learn

Learn simple, safe meditation techniques on an online course or in a live workshop.

2. Use

Use them in your daily life. Drinking coffee can be valuable practice time.

3. Live

Live more peacefully with the tools to deal with any difficulties that come up.

How Can I Support You?


I want to try mindfulness and meditation.

Feel what a more calm, focused, and fearless daily life can be like by taking my free One Week of Peace Challenge. 


My online self-paced stressproofing course can drastically reduce your stress by uncovering what’s really causing it in the first place.


I want to work with an experienced teacher.

Where do I start? What do I do next?  I can help you answer those and more in a personalized session.

"Mindfulness is helping me relax and focus on my breathing when an anxiety attack or panic attack or OCD attack or PTSD flash are settling in. I'm able to calm myself down faster already. I feel like I'm regaining my grip on reality and letting go of the world of panic I tend to live in."
Devan T
Social Worker