Tall Mountain Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness Practices

Thoughts Lie

” Yet when I’m in front of the class, it is always different than my thoughts claimed it would be. Perhaps in small ways, perhaps in big ways, but always different.”


“…celebrating being born and surviving another year of life is great but it’s not a one-person job.”

Being Mindful of Pain

Holding stomach in pain

“We can view pain as our body trying to tell us something is wrong or dangerous. Instead of fighting against it, I was getting the message.”

Delayed But Not Stressed

“I had a choice in all this: I could get hooked into the panic, anger, and frustration all around me or not let it take over my mind…”

The Seeds of Anger

“…Yet when we approach our feelings of anger with awareness, with mindfulness, it becomes a productive part of our practice.”

Rise and Return from Sleep

“Let me be the one who will rise and return from sleep.” This line from the song Let This River Flow by the Swedish heavy metal band Soilwork carries much meaning for me. As I explored mediation and Buddhism, I read several books by Pema Chodron, who refers to our choices as either ‘waking up’ …

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Greet a Blade of Grass

Mindfulness Break: The next time you are walking on or near a patch of grass, stop for a few minutes and look deeply at it. Ask yourself: What are all the things that happened for this grass to be here with me at this exact moment?