The Goodness in People

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I have been reminded of the goodness in people lately. While travelling with an injury that prevents me from using my right arm fully, several strangers have stepped up to help me stow my bag on planes or stabilize it while I search for something inside. When we landed in Bangkok last week, a Thai […]

Workshops & Events

Workshops for Educators and School Staff

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Starting in March 2018, I will be offering online mindfulness and meditation workshops for teachers, managers, and school staff. They include important topics such as stress-proofing, role-stress, and time-pressure. We can support our students and colleagues from a place of greater calm and clarity. Specific details and dates will be posted on www.tallmountainmindfulness.com/events/ 


Real or Imagined?

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Good morning dear friend, The following quote stuck out to me in one of the books that I’ve been reading lately. I’d like to share it with you all: “The human nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real or vividly imagined experience. What you rehearse over and over in your mind conditions you…you […]