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Misunderstanding Freedom

The word ‘freedom’ can be easily misunderstood, I feel. When I say that we can be free from our mental and emotional chaos, I don’t mean that it will vanish instantly.

Being free, in the way that I teach people, means not being controlled by anything. We can learn to let emotions just be emotions and thoughts just be thoughts. We have a choice in the matter, even if it’s buried under years of mental habits and trauma. We are always responsible for our actions, even if we are strongly influenced by something in our mind.

Living a human life means that we will face difficulties. There will be painful moments and challenges. Emotions, memories, and thoughts are all part of being human. Anger, fear, desire can all come up – and will come up – but we don’t have to do anything about it.

If we do, often times we can make things worse. Perhaps we say something that can’t be taken back or trigger someone’s feelings of being unworthy. None of us want difficult moments to become full-on hurricanes yet that’s just what can happen unless we train our minds to remain stable and grounded, like a mountain.

A hurricane is no match for a mountain.

In a nutshell: We can’t control the world but we can control our responses to it. Being free means not being pushed around by mental or emotional chaos.

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