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The Seeds of Anger

Good Morning!

I’d like to share some of an article called Uprooting the Seeds of Anger by Jules Shuzen Harris with you:

“We all know anger from experience, but when we are asked to pause and consider, “What is this anger?” it’s not always so easy to see what it is. Yet when we approach our feelings of anger with awareness, with mindfulness, it becomes a productive part of our practice. We find, after all, that anger has something to teach us.”

I have found this in my practice too. Once we establish a healthy way to calm strong emotions, we can look at them deeply and ask them questions. “What are you?” can change the situation entirely. Practicing in this way, we move away from being a victim of strong energy of the anger. We can become a researcher, investigating what caused it to come up in the first place. There is always a cause. With this information, we can look at what feeds the cause of our anger. We can take steps to transform it for the sake of a happier, healthier future.

We all deserve to be healthy, happy, and peaceful.

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