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Student Feedback – Stressproofing Course

Good morning,

I would like to share some feedback I received last week. This student took my  online Stress-proofing Course, working through it over a series of weeks. She told me the following:

“I really enjoyed it! I found the mix of videos and some print summary notes really helpful. It came at a very opportune time in my life when I was making some big decisions….your course and a series of Pema Chodron videos helped me get to those decisions in a calmer and more centered fashion than I would have otherwise. Thank you!”

I am glad that it benefited her. In my own experience, the calm cultivated through meditation practice does help with decision making since I wasn’t being pushed around by my emotions and mind stories so much.

If you have a few words about one of my workshops or courses (online or offline), feel free to send me a message. It would be great to hear how it went for you.


If you’re interested in empowering yourself with tools for stress-proofing, you are very welcome to explore the online self-study course mentioned above. It can be found here.

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