Tall Mountain Mindfulness and Meditation

“The Whole Room Gets Brighter”

“When we share our light with others, we do not diminish our own light. Rather, we increase the amount of light available to all. . . When out of gratitude we use our candle to light other people’s candles, the whole room gets brighter.” – Master Sheng Yen

What does this quote mean to you, my friend?

I have found this to be true in my own experience. Acting compassionately towards others with as little thought of self-gain as possible (much easier than it sounds! We’re biologically wired to assess situations on how they will benefit us) does bring a sense of nourishment. It’s crucial not to hand over all of our light – we need to care for ourselves too. Once we’re in a place of stability, then we can offer better help.

Perhaps an important part of self-care is self-less care towards others, as much as is realistic.


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