“…And Yours?”

I recently taught an Introduction to Mindfulness and Zen Meditation workshop in South Portland, Maine. We had a great group of participants and it was wonderful to practice meditating, eating, and moving mindfully together.

After a concentration meditation, we were sharing with the group how it had gone. One of the participants had just finished telling us his experiences when he turned to me and asked “…And yours?”

I was quite surprised! I hadn’t been asked that before in a workshop. I told the group how I had noticed a few distractions in the room and how my back felt a bit creaky. I appreciated being asked to share the raw experience of my own meditation with everyone – it brought us closer together.

Therefore, I plan on sharing some of my meditation diaries on theĀ new Tall Mountain Mindfulness Instagram page. It might be useful to see what someone with a regular practice goes through – I can almost guarantee that it’s not what you have in mind!


Take care, my friend,


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