Modern Life is Challenging

Stress and wild emotions limit our health, relationships and potential.

Meditation can protect your mind so you can live a meaningful life beyond mental chaos.

Like many people, I was suffering from the chaos in my life.

Lasting calm and clarity seemed like a myth. My weeks were filled with things like grocery shopping and cleaning the house not to mention working 50+ hours a week. wondered if I even had the time to look for peace. 

Practicing Zen meditation gave me the tools to save myself from the deep toxicity of depression and abandoning a meaningful career teaching languages. [Read More

I care about your calm and clarity and am here to help however I can.

"I really enjoyed [the course]! I found the mix of videos and some print summary notes really helpful. It came at a very opportune time in my life when I was making some big decisions....your course and a series of Pema Chodron videos helped me get to those decisions in a calmer and more centered fashion than I would have otherwise. Thank you!"

Laura M
Language Teacher, USA

"Since I've become more mindful, or at least as I try to be more mindful, I'm listening better. Which is helping me understand better. It's helping me relax and focus on my breathing when an anxiety attack or panic attack or OCD attack or PTSD flash are settling in. I'm able to calm myself down faster already. I feel like I'm regaining my grip on reality and letting go of the world of panic I tend to live in."

Devan T
Registered Behavioural Technician & Social Worker, USA

"I enjoyed [the workshop] a lot. I learned a lot and I feel encouraged that [mindfulness and meditation] is something I can build into my life."

Anny E
Teacher Trainer, USA

A Free Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation and Acceptance

This 30 minute practice could change

your day. Maybe your life too.

Do you have mental chaos in your life? I can help.

I teach busy people simple mind training techniques that transform mental chaos into calm and clarity.

The meditation techniques that I teach come from the Japanese Rinzai Zen tradition – a tradition that has been helping everyday busy people improve their health and wellbeing for over 500 years. You can use these meditations wherever you stand, sit, walk, or lie down. Walking to the car or drinking coffee can be used to train your mind.  Working hours can be used to grow calm and clarity, as Chris discovered in his dentistry practice:

"Your class was very helpful and I have already been practicing. It has even worked while I have been doing dentistry."

Chris G
Dentist, Maine, USA

Zen meditation offers both temporary relief of difficult conditions and deep long-term positive change. These techniques grow lasting inner calm and clarity – even when you’re not practicing them. The harmful effects of stress and wild emotions can be drastically reduced – even avoided completely. Negative habits can transform into more positive ones. We can learn who we are beyond the challenges of a busy modern life. How could your life be if you transformed your mental chaos?

Whether you’ve never tried meditation, are a beginner looking for for stress and anxiety relief, or an experienced meditator – my workshops, online courses, and guided meditations can help you reach deeper self-understanding and vastly improved health and wellbeing.

The only requirement is that you have a human brain – please double-check this before signing up. 

3 Steps to More Calm and Clarity

1. Register for a workshop or online course

2. Practice the techniques in your everyday life

3. Grow lasting mental calm and clarity