Many people struggle with stress and wild emotions

Their health and energy levels suffer tremendously.

This doesn’t need to happen.

You can free yourself from these damaging and limiting effects.

You can be present and grounded in your busy everyday life.

Zen mind training tools can help you do both and more.

Don’t you deserve more time and energy for what really matters?

Jason headshot
Jason Bond

I can help you train your mind.
I care about your mind and your future.

Hi, I’m Jason. Peace of mind used to seem like a myth to me. My weeks were filled with things like grocery shopping and cleaning the house, not to mention working 55+ hours a week as a public school teacher.

wondered if I even had the time to look for mental freedom or self-knowledge.

Alcohol and escapism weren’t helping me move forward either – quite the opposite. Training my mind with Zen meditation empowered me to save myself from the deep toxicity of depression. I also avoided abandoning a meaningful career as a language teacher. [Read More]

Zen meditation helped Laura make important life decisions:

"I really enjoyed the stressproofing course! It came at a very opportune time in my life when I was making some big decisions....your course helped me get to those decisions in a calmer and more centered fashion than I would have otherwise. Thank you!"

Laura M
Language Teacher & Teacher Trainer, USA

Mindfulness is helping Devan free herself from deeply-rooted fear:

"It's helping me relax and focus on my breathing when an anxiety attack or panic attack or OCD attack or PTSD flash are settling in. I'm able to calm myself down faster already. I feel like I'm regaining my grip on reality and letting go of the world of panic I tend to live in."

Devan T
Social Worker, USA

Live and Work with More Calm and Clarity in 3 Easy Steps

1. Learn

Learn simple, safe mind training techniques on an online course or in a live workshop

2. Use

Use the techniques in everyday life and at work. Drinking coffee can be practice - no joke!

3. Live

Live more freely with calm and clarity - and the tools to deal with any difficulties that come up

Get a free guided meditation for deep relaxation, awareness, and acceptance.

How Zen Mind Training Can Help You

Mindfulness and Zen meditation are effective ways to work with the pressures and demands of modern life. 

For 500+ years, the Rinzai Zen tradition has helped people understand their minds and what really causes their mental struggles.

Zen offers simple ways to untangle ourselves from pain, emotions, and stress and to connect with deep inner strength.

Chris uses these techniques at work:

"Your class was very helpful and I have already been practicing. It has even worked while I have been doing dentistry."

Chris G
Dentist, Maine, USA

Difficult Times Will Come

You can train your mind to remain calm and clear

or allow yourself to be overwhelmed and controlled